What does the price include?
My rates are for labour only. Materials supplied by me, parking and congestion charge (where applicable) are charged accordingly.

Do you supply materials?
I keep a stock of screws, wall plugs, fillers, and adhesives and I am happy to purchase materials on your behalf. However, it is a better use of your money and my time if all the materials needed for the job are on site so that I can focus on doing the work. If you need advice on what to purchase, please feel free to contact me in advance.

Can you put this together and/or install it ?
Before you spend your hard earned on a product from a third party website like Wayfair, eBay and Amazon please feel free to contact me and I’ll offer an opinion. Sometimes there are installation issues with client purchased products which knocks onto installation costs.

Are you insured?
Yes I have pubic liability insurance to protect me and my customers.

How can I pay?
You can pay by cash, electronic transfer, credit or debit cards. Payment is due on completion of the work.

Do you do gas and electrical work?
I am not GasSafe registered so I am unable to do any gas related work. I can do minor electrical work, such as replacing existing sockets, switches and light fittings. If you want to add new circuits, extend existing ones or you need electrical work done in a kitchen, a bathroom or outdoors, you will need a qualified electrician.